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Hmm.. It’s not real scientific, but I heard an ordinary name … can lead people to have ordinary expectations about a person.

— Wyatt in Coraline

mom, wife, teacher. A slice of my fairly boring life.

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Day 31.

Happy last day, Slicers!

This wasn’t the worst thing I have ever done… but definitely would have been easier if I was quarantined in my home for half of the month. I enjoyed getting a look into what others were doing during this time, and got a few laughs out of some of the blogs I read.

What will you do with the extra time now that you don’t have to blog daily? I pledge to kiss and hug and cuddle my dog a little more each day. Because I love him.

Picket Fence

We altered our project plans due to weather and decided to take on the kitchen cabinets first. I am so happy we did, because I was getting antsy. Of course, the kitchen was one I was most nervous about as well.

My mom took our son but not until 11:30. We already started painting (with primer) and of course he wanted to help. And of course I said yes. So he helped roll the side of the cabinet for a few minutes. He was so happy.

We ended up dumping him on my mom overnight too so we can get up early and get right to work.

We are doing two colors, and so we decided to tackle the top cabinets first. We took all of the doors off (I had taken all the hardware off last night) and we numbered them. I set them up for painting in the garage. We sanded, cleaned, and primed the upper bases. Then we did the same to the doors (in retrospect/tomorrow we will start with the doors first. Since you have to wait for them to dry before you flip they are more time consuming). We stopped for lunch, then primed the back of the doors. We started painting the uppers then, did one side of the doors, finished the uppers, and did another coat on the doors.

It looks so different. We had very old/outdated and dark (but ugly dark) wood cabinets. We LOVE wood, so it took awhile for us to want to paint them. But they were pretty rough. Now we are so happy. And honestly, something to be thankful for with the quarantine because we definitely would have dragged our feet with this project over the summer.

So the tops are a white color called Picket Fence. Tomorrow, we start over with the lower cabinets but we will use Hale Navy. I’m very excited to add some color! We bought new hinges as the previous owners painted theirs and they didn’t look great. They did put on newer hardware so we are going to see how we like it for now.

Today felt productive.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Yes. Yes I am. Terrified actually, but with good reason. Since college, I have been dealing with a sleep disorder of sorts. Classified as “adult onset night terrors.” Fun fact about me: I either have problems of young children or old people. There is no in between. So yes, as an adult I developed night terrors.

My night terrors consist of me sleeping and “waking up” to see the room I am sleeping in (or whatever location, because yes this happened in the car before). All of a sudden I hallucinate something. Typically, it is some sort of bug/spider or flying light thing that is coming at me. Which causes me to swat it away (yes, I have hit my husband on several occasions) and jump up in bed. Every once in awhile, I will see PEOPLE. So imagine, sleeping in bed and all of a sudden a boy with a striped shirt and a bowl cut is standing in your doorway (pre-kids. I was living at home my first year out of college. Literally ran into my parents room just to see real people before I went back to sleep). Or, imagine being in your college dorm and seeing someone peek around your bed. I have woken up truly screaming on several occasions which I think is worse for my husband than for me. They have chilled out, but I was medicated at night for awhile because it would happen multiple times in a week. When we started our family, I had to ween myself off the crazy pills and I never went back on because I prefer not to be medicated. Mostly it is fine, but it does make for a good story every now and then.

So yes, I have night terrors. And they make me extremely scared of the dark because I don’t trust my eye sight in the dark. So fast forward to tonight when my toddler monster of a human wants to play “find the shark.” He goes into my parents huge walk in closet with a flashlight and the lights off. I can handle that. Except then he requests all the lights shut off and wants to run around her dresser in there.

WTF is wrong with you kid?! That is a big HELL NO from me (Can I swear on this?! It’s worth it, because seriously I have anxiety thinking about it). Meanwhile my mom and husband are outside the door laughing as I argue with a 3 year old why I am afraid of the dark and can’t play find the shark which is actually just run around in the dark.

Dinner Party

We made my parents steaks for dinner (at their house) and my mom made her most delicious mashed potatoes. Seriously, these mashed potatoes are TO DIE FOR. I refuse to eat anyone else’s because I’m a brat and they can’t compare. Plus she FINALLY made garlic mashed potatoes which she hasn’t done in forever (probably because she hates me).

So my mom surprised us all with this delicious desert. It was apples and cream cheese and cinnamon sugar wrapped in tortillas, probably covered in some butter. It was baked until the tortillas were a little crispy, the apples were soft. And she served it with a side of vanilla ice cream.

All seemed well except she used cumin instead of cinnamon. So it was a touch spicy and all gross. Thank god my husband was there to break the news to her. I may have just eaten them to make her feel better. We all had a good laugh though, and I was too full from dinner to fully enjoy them anyways.

She is making them with cinnamon tomorrow. I will update on how they taste. I am sure it will be better…

Spring Break 2020

Welcome to Spring Break! (For some of you!)

I remember being much more excited for spring break about 3-4 weeks ago. I am looking forward to it, don’t get me wrong, but obviously it is very different now. My husband was on spring break this week and I remember being pretty bummed out about having different breaks.

This break we are planning on setting up the swing set in our backyard. The weather is supposed to cooperate (hopefully) so we will start Monday. I am so excited because I think our son will lose his mind. And if we can’t get out more, we may also start losing our minds. We ended up walking in the rain for a bit today just because I needed to get out.

Anyways- What are your spring break plans? Any plans you HAD that are now postponed? If you could go ANYWHERE where would you go?

Summer Buzz

My son has pretty much had the same haircut since he was one years old. It is the super trendy short on the sides and a little longer on top. We gel it to the side and he looks super cute. I was able to convince my husband to grow it out around Christmas time but it did not work mostly because my son has hair like mine. Audaben hair- because it “audaben” thrown in the garbage (insert laugh track here. My dad and I have the same hair and this is what he coined it. Honestly, he isn’t wrong).

Well he needed a haircut before this “extended spring break/early summer” fun. Since his hair is longer on top, it was starting to look pretty wild. Dad decided he was going to buzz it. YIKES! I don’t think I was ready.

So we set him up in the high chair, he was shockingly cooperative, and we buzzed his little head. I won’t lie, I don’t hate it. I will go so far as to say I like it. But it does take some getting used to!

The Office (US)

Where are my Office fans out there?! I know one of my “office inspired” titles caught the eye of someone before. If you haven’t binged this series yet, I HIGHLY recommend (and seriously… you have NOTHING better to do!). We just recently finished it but I am almost positive we will re-binge before this is all over.

So if you are a fan, I highly recommend the podcast “Office Ladies.” It is podcast of each episode of the Office and hosted by “Pam & Angela” (can Angela be in quotes since that is her actual name? I find it funny that a lot of characters share the names with their actors). It is fun because not only do they give you insight on the episode and behind the scenes information, they share a lot of personal stories. The first couple episodes I found moments where I was like okay keep going… but I feel about 5 episodes in they have definitely hit their stride!

It is the perfect podcast to listen to on walks. Except I have to admit that I have laughed out loud a few times but thankfully social distancing keeps everyone out of earshot…

Any good podcast suggestions out there?!



We went for a walk around our park today, twice. It’s 1.2 miles per round. It was fairly busy with bikers, walkers, and joggers. All great because being outside is not only “okay” it is encouraged and much needed.

The problem is, as we passed the basketball courts there was a pick up game happening. It looked like it was older kids, but who do you blame? Kids? Parents?

I know law enforcement is not pulling anyone over for minor things, but perhaps this would be good for them to patrol. It is frustrating because so many people are not listening.

Someone in my family (family members relatives- so a bit more distant) was diagnosed with COVID-19 and due to their pre-existing conditions they have been placed on Hospice. It is here. And it is not a joke.

Stay home, so we can get back out.

Meetings on Meetings

This week is full of “Zoom” meetings. Today I had a special education team meeting pop up on me. I was confused because we have one Friday, which I thought was odd because we usually meet as a team Monday’s. So when my phone alerted me that I had a meeting in 10 minutes I was a little caught off guard. Considering I’m at home, it wasn’t like I had something else to do…

Tomorrow I have two IEP meetings that we are holding via Zoom. They are back to back so that should be interesting. I have a staff meeting Wednesday morning at 7:30 AM that I am NOT complaining about…

We have a “data team” meeting this week (I think Thursday? Also weird… not our usual day.) And that brings me to my other SPED meeting on Friday.

It is weird because it is more like conference calls and I am not in the business of conference calls. It’s a new world. I tend not to participate a whole bunch. Probably because I am well aware of my squeaky Mini Mouse voice and how it is just amplified on the computer.

When this started I didn’t think it would come to this but… I am very much excited for Spring Break!

(Insert Funny Line from 40 Year Old Virgin)

Just like the rest of the world, we are looking at ways to take advantage of this “staycation” and get some work done around the house. WARNING: This is a pretty boring post about DIY. Skip to the bottom for a question so you can get credit for responding…

Project #1: We already had planned on redoing our Master Closet. Right now, it is a hallway to our bathroom and the closet forms an L shape. It is set up like a traditional closet, but it is so much wasted space. We asked for Container Store gift cards for our 30th birthday and was able to put that towards our new closet system which we bought about a month ago. We have a 10 foot section and a 7 foot section, we leveled up for the system with the wood faces on it since it will all be open. We are taking down the “closets” so it is just an open space/hallway and putting up the systems in their place so we can utilize the whole space, including floor to ceiling and corners. Once we save up a little more, we plan to add a 6 foot system on the opposite wall. We almost doubled our hanging space and more than doubled our “shelf” space.

Project #2: We are painting our kitchen cabinets! We have talked about doing it over spring break, but my husband and I have different breaks. Well now that doesn’t matter much. We are planning on doing Hale Navy on the bottom and Picket Fence on the top cabinets. Our kitchen is very interesting. The cabinets are OLD. They look very old. They are grainy wood and have an old “design” on them. But they have new hardware, and the lower cabinets all have pull out drawers which are very nice. The appliances are new, and so is the backsplash (on one side of the kitchen). The counter tops are pretty plain but honestly I have seen some rough counter tops so I will take plain tan counter tops that I don’t have to do anything to to match. We talked about painting when we were in the process of buying our house a year ago, but then we decided to wait. After some friends painted theirs we decided to do it as well. Hopefully it turns out well…

Project #3: Swingset. We originally said we could pay someone to do the swingset because my husband did not want to, but now that we have a lot of time it doesn’t make much sense. My dad brought it home Friday (he was storing it at his shop for us) and the weather was not super cooperative as we are currently looking at snow on the ground already with more to come. No worries, we have plenty of time (in my opinion)…

I know a LOT of people planning on painting. What are you thinking you will accomplish during this time? Whether it be DIY, hobbies, school, ect.

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