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Hmm.. It’s not real scientific, but I heard an ordinary name … can lead people to have ordinary expectations about a person.

— Wyatt in Coraline

mom, wife, teacher. A slice of my fairly boring life.

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Day 31 – And In The End…

Here we are. Year 2 of Slicing is coming to an end. Reflecting on this last year (because even though this is only a month long blog it feels right to reflect on the year) gives me all the feels.

I am thankful for the time quarantine gave me with my son. We found out in February 2020 that we were expecting. It was emotional. And so having that bonus time to soak up “Csuk Party of 3” will forever be the bright spot of the pandemic.

I am thankful for my work peeps (hey-oh!) who were so supportive of me this year. They really rallied behind me and showed me that they aren’t just “work” friends but actual friends. And they gave me so much confidence in my weakest moments.

I am thankful for my husband who drives me nuts but is the backbone of our crew. He worked so hard the last year to ensure that I could take a real maternity leave and not worry. He also was the driving force to most of our quarantine projects. And he is steady and confident in our future and that is so helpful.

I am thankful for the opportunities ahead of me. Never in a million years would I guess that I’d be in the position I am now. Yet here I am. And I don’t hate it. I’m scared, but excited. I’m nervous, but hopeful. I’m anxious, but feeling adventurous. I am ready.

I am thankful that 2020 was so full of great moments for me. Not many people can say that. I am surprised that 2021 hasn’t been my year so far… but I know that it will get better.

I am thankful for slicing. I know that in 6 months or in a year I will come back and I will laugh at scared, nervous, anxious Quinn.

Thanks for reading!

Day 30- And I Oop… sksksksks

So I ordered from Shipt, a regular occurance and honestly a life saver BEFORE having two kids. I had a larger order, and the shopper was luckily able to find mostly everything. Until they got to a spice I needed.

They sent me a picture of two options because they didn’t have what I originally requested. No big deal, I picked one of them then I hit them with a friend “Thanks!”

They responded with a kiss face emoji. Then a smile emoji.

Um. nope.

I did not know how to respond. Honestly, I was creeped out and uncomfortable. I didn’t respond. I instead screen shot and sent to my co-workers. “Ew” was the general response.

Then I got their reply, “Um… I hit the wrong emoji. I am so sorry, didn’t mean to get personal there! (insert sweating face emoji).”

THANK GOD! But also, how quickly I went from being extremely uncomfortable and unhappy to feeling genuinely bad for this shipt shopper.

It was an honest mistake, not a big deal at all, and yet I guarantee they stay up at night thinking about this moment for many years to come. I know I would.

Dear Shipt Shopping, let it go. Also, thanks for the blog post!

28- Body Malfunction

I am a ball of stress. Even when I am not stressed, I swear it just oozes out of me any and every chance it gets. Sometimes unbeknownst to me.

Also, my second child has really given me a rough go in terms of car rides. It seemed almost instantly from getting pregnant I couldn’t hang in the car. And I feel like it didn’t go away.

So today when we decided to do a semi-normal date day and venture out into the world, traveling via car longer than 15 minutes, my body started to malfunction.

I was comfortable. I was safe. I was happy.

My husband noticed it when I stopped talking (great date I am) and being so used to this immediately asked if I needed to go home. No. I’m going to go out. I am going to have fun.

He actually mentioned it possibly being stress. I may not have been the best at going out pre-pandemic. So the stay at home order part of the pandemic was the best and absolute worst thing to happen to me. I had a year of safe. Of comfort. Of staying home with my dog and kids and husband. My happy place. And now, life is weirder than before AND I have to start going out again.

UPDATE: We went out. We had a really nice time. I am so glad we went.

Malfunction override.

27- Sam’s Club & Shorty’s

So as you all know (because obviously you are all reading my blog daily) we are currently giving our basement a “Cheap/DIY Finish” and by we I mean mostly my husband (his choice). So on Friday, he was supposed to work on the floors. Well they did not go down as he had hoped since its just concrete floors and they are a little wonky. So he scratched that idea and we were looking at foam flooring.

So we found a woodgrain looking foam floor at Sam’s Club. It’s the flooring that interlocks like a puzzle, usually you see it in a variety of colors in a kids play room. More recently it is being used as a home gym flooring. We thought my parents had a Sam’s Club membership, but they didn’t any longer so we found a deal on Groupon and bought a membership because it was still cheaper to buy the membership and get the flooring than to order it from somewhere else online.

This also meant we had to travel to a Sam’s Club to find 21 flooring packages. So we went to one that we were confident had it. And they did- except they only had 10 that we could reach. No big deal- we found a nice employee and he went to get some help for us.

Well I guess it was about to be a shift change in 15 minutes so the people that could help REFUSED to help. Which means the poor employee had to come out and tell us that it would be hour at least. (way to throw him under the bus!) We decided to buy the 10 and check a nearby Sam’s because we were confident they, too, would have a handful we could buy.

We had our 10 packages in a flat bed and did “scan and go” which is misleading. You’d think you can … scan… and then… go. But you have to scan. and then go to checkout anyways… so we went to self check out and just as we were walking up the employee (different one than earlier) YELLS at my husband- No flatbeds in self-checkout. Okay…. well we already waited in line and the regular line is really long. UGH. So we went back and it is even longer than when we first checked. So we went and got a regular cart and went BACK to self checkout. Meanwhile, our 6 month old is hungry and our 4 year old wants to walk the busy store.

We scan & go (to check out) and rescan, and pay (again?) and leave. We head to the next Sam’s club which we were confident had at least 11… except they only had 1. So we decided to go BACK to the original one because the shift change should be over and get the rest and go home. All was well and a couple hours of Sam’s Club adventure we were on our way home with 600+ square footage of foam flooring. And a new hatred for Sam’s Club (at least on a Saturday).

The worst part? We stopped at Shorty’s which is a small little restaurant that we used to go to more often and it has the most delicious cheese cubes that are melty and perfect. Except they changed the recipe and they were not even good. So now I am sad. And cheese cube-less.


26- Full Circle

A year ago, us “slicers” were at the beginning of the pandemic. These posts were all the same:

The house looks great today. No change. Will this last more than two weeks?

And like all other slicers and people, we turned to house projects. In addition to “Slice of Life” I was finishing up a class where I researched different DIY projects around the house: The deck, painting kitchen cabinets, the closet, and the basement.

The basement was a “throw it on at the end because I needed another project” but the others were ones that we were interested in doing… soon-ish. Then the pandemic hit and we used that time to do exactly that.

We started with the kitchen cabinets, very DIY. We moved to the deck which we always knew we were never DIYing. So we hired someone for that, but we used my research to help guide our decisions.

In the mean time, I had ordered our new closet system from ELFA. We had asked for Container Store gift cards to do this. We were supposed to have someone work on our closet over spring break and have it installed before Easter. We did push this off, but over the summer had someone come in and finish the closet and then had the system installed. (I’m not going to lie, our closet is a little dreamy.)

This left us with our basement. We weren’t doing it though. 3/4 isn’t bad.

Fast forward to 2021. My husband decided he was going to do our “cheap finish” of the basement. He is on spring break (I’ve said this in every post this week) and so he chose to use his break to “finish” our basement. He sprayed the ceiling black, the walls white, added some cool light fixtures, a curtain to block our crawl space, and bought some decorations. The flooring is a work in progress, but we are going to pick up stuff tomorrow. He is going to add a runner to the stairs because they are unfinished right now.

This is going to be a dream space for our 4 year old. Eventually our 6 month old will get to enjoy it too. Mostly, I am just so proud of my husband for tackling this project. Check back for update pictures, I never post pictures on here but I will for that!

What was your biggest DIY project over the pandemic?

25 – Marriage Connection

My favorite part about my husband: our marriage connection.

This is what we call it when we both have/do the same thought or idea. Maybe it’s about a gift for our kids, dinner, a movie we want to watch, a game, etc.

Once, we both came home with the same exact brand new leash for our dog. Who didn’t need a new leash. And it ws from Petco and we very much are Petsmart people. (This might be my favorite one!)

My husband and I have been together since we were juniors in high school. So this is very much a “we know each other very well” thing but I like to chalk it up to us being each others persons. Like Pam said in the office, “When you’re a kid you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are gonna be right about that!”

We have been fighting our 6 month old (1C for those following along at home) on sleeping through the night. Some nights he goes for 9-10 hours. Some nights he is on 3-4 hours and then fights going back to sleep. Well we got a full 9+ hours out of him last night (woop woop!) and so naturally this morning we ran through everything we did to replicate it tonight.

Earlier in the day yesterday I was thinking, “lets not do rice cereal in his bottle at night. 1B never needed it and it obviously isn’t working…” but then I forgot. Well! This morning, my husband said “you know what, I didn’t do rice cereal. I forgot and then when I was upstairs I thought we should try not using it and see what happens! Maybe we try that moving forward.”

Marriage Connection.

24- That Darn Cat!

An Ode to https://macksworldsite.wordpress.com/

Today my coworker brought her cat to work. All is fun about that except for I’m SUPER afraid of cats. And she built my anticipation by sending me pictures of the cat doing cute things. Like scaling her shower curtain, it’s claws, and even a video of the cat suddenly pouncing on their dog.

It’s okay. It’s fine. Everything’s Okay.

The cat jumped up on me at one point. By jump up he put his paws on my legs. I jumped out of my seat and screamed. My co-worker thought her cat actually attacked me for a second based on my reaction. The poor cat shot across the room, probably thinking “who is this crazy person?”

We had a meeting, and she put the cat in it’s carrier. It was running late, so I came back to the room first. When I opened the door, I instantly knew the cat was out. I peeked at the carrier to see it opened. Upon closer (but still distant- have to be safe) inspection, the carrier was in fact empty.


I went to get my class started and noticed the cat laying in his “bed” which is really a red milk crate. “Good job, buddy!”

Then, a loud noise (lots of work going on as we prepare for students to be at school full 5 days a week). The cat jumped down and took off across the room. It happened so fast, and then it was gone. I didn’t see where he went as I was starting our class.

And then he was gone. But I couldn’t look for him. What if he came jumping out of the wall, all Black Cat like? I can’t handle that. I can barely handle cats looking at me.

I had to confess to my co-teacher that I lost her cat. In our room. He played it up well by not responding- not even to a treat bag!!! He finally made his way out from under the cabinet, and all was well again.

That darn cat!

23- Friendly Reminder

This is your reminder to do that thing you were supposed to do.

-Write your blog
-Take the chicken out of the freezer
-Get cat treats & litter box out
-Make lunch for tomorrow
-Text that friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile
-Reply to that one e-mail
-Apply to that job
-Change the laundry
-Clean the bottles
-Empty the dishwasher
-Fold the towels
-Get your bangs cut…

Wait. Don’t get your bangs cut. Renee told me when someone asks if they should cut their bangs the answer is always no.

What is on your “friendly reminder” list?

22- Spring Break

My husband is on spring break. Since he is working on the basement we are still sending our tiny humans to daycare. However, he is going to get up and help me in the mornings.

Today was the first morning.

My husband is an excellent father. And I can leave him with our kids no problem and he knows how to handle everything. Some things better than me. But oh my.

For whatever reason it seemed to take me twice as long. And it seemed I had to tell my husband how it worked. I think it’s because I’m on such a schedule that even though he was helping it still felt disrupted.

Plus. He was moving at a snails pace. Please refer to my “The Fastest Hour” post to get a good understanding of my mornings. Maybe I will send it to him.

At the end of the day, I am beyond grateful for his help and to just have another adult to walk us out to the car. But it is a great reminder that we can get so set in our routines that even “helpful” breaks don’t feel so helpful after all.

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