david @ the dentist

Okay, not David. But who hasn’t seen that hysterically adorable youtube video with the little boy and his dad. If you haven’t… look it up now. It’s much more interesting than this post- my apologies in advance. Come back if you remember… but if not its worth it.

It was my sons second trip to the Dentist today. Last time, my favorite husband found a way to be busy. Typical. Ironically, the same thing happened today. In fairness, he is so afraid of the dentist. So I was the good mom and took him on my own. Last time he was mostly good, but lost it between the two check ups and then wanted his prize (which was crap) and so then he wanted the prize page. He tantrumed the whole way out, while I had to pay, and through the parking lot. Only to say “I had so much fun at the dentist!” on our way home. My son is a liar.

I was nervous for a repeat. We have been prepping this. He learned about it at school. We practiced opening up our mouths. We were ready.

I picked him up from daycare and he was so excited to go. He shimmied his way out of Ms. Vicki’s to the car and was full on dancing (something he is neither good at nor does frequently). We drove to the dentist and he was excited. Then we got to the dentist’s building. He saw a toy in a pediatricians office so naturally he’d much rather go there. Then I tried carrying him but no he wanted to walk. We get up to the room and he was excited for some puzzles, and he flirted with another mom waiting with her son.

When they called his name he strutted (yes, strutted) to the room. He hopped up on the chair and was ready to go. This kid. He sat ALL ON HIS OWN through both exams. He opened his mouth wide, he let them floss him, he kept his hands out of his mouth, he even wore the sunglasses since there was a bright light in his eye. WHO ARE YOU!?

He was so good, they tried for X-Rays. Our speech baby isn’t the greatest at comprehending the directions, so they were not able to get them but he tried. (“I want to take more pictures of my teeth!”). He did start to lose it between the two exams (the cleaning and the actual dentist checking) but with a little park bribery he was able to get it together. He picked a mermaid as a prize. And off we went, tears & Cavities free!

His reward for being so good? A milkshake. Mom of the year.

3 thoughts on “david @ the dentist

  1. Wonderful story – every bit as genuine a story about being a parent of the year as the guy talking to his kid on the couch – which I love by the way.


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