Soccer Star

I grew up playing soccer. I played through high school and picked it back up after college in adult leagues. I love it, and now that I have a child I have always been excited to get him into playing. We had signed him up for soccer at Westmont Yard for a few sessions. It didn’t always go as planned so we took a break.

Now that the weather is nice, he is wanting to play outside. Eventually he set up his little soccer net and his ball and he wanted to play! My heart was so happy in that moment! Maybe he will be better if we signed him up for soccer now that he is a little older! *fingers crossed*

So I set up the net and cheered him on. Except for this kid just carried the ball and threw it in the net. “NO! Kick it!”

Attempt #2: We obviously had to move the net. This time we just flipped it. I showed off my awesome moves, spinning around my son and the dog. I did miss the goal, but in fairness I am not a forward. So he takes the ball and moves far away. This is it, I thought. He started kicking the ball! Yes! Good job! He’s getting closer- shoot shoot! He stops. The ball isn’t perfectly lined up. He moves it. (facepalm emoji anyone?) A little kick. It’s off again. He picks it up and moves it. Finally he placed it directly in front of the goal and walked (not kicked) it in.

Well. It was a good attempt. Maybe he’ll be a goalie like his mama. Hopefully he is smart, because I don’t see his athletic abilities getting him too far. My sister did raise a good point, he could be good at Quidditch. Dream big, little man!

4 thoughts on “Soccer Star

  1. Remind me to tell you about the time I signed Claire up for basketball. I played basketball. Her aunts played basketball. Her cousin played basketball. There was basketball on both sides of her family! Apparently, she did not get ANY of those genes. And, sadly, she didn’t seem to know she sucked.


  2. This is very cute. I can totally relate. I always wanted my girls to be runners. I wanted them to love it as much as I did so that we could all attend races together and go on runs. No they just say no thanks and tell me how hard it looks.


  3. I too was thinking goalie when you wrote how he likes to pick up the ball! Why is that the sports we love as an adult our kids don’t have any interest in?!


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