Good News

I had a few stories to share today, but I am going to go with the (hopefully) happiest one. But to understand the “happy” I have to share the sad first.

It was just about a year ago that my family found out my cousin, Eric, was going to be deployed. He is actually married to my cousin, Jessica, and at the time they had a daughter who was 1 and were expecting another baby. It was very shocking. We have a huge family but no active or recent military members, and while we knew Eric was in the army we never expected his number to get called.

He was home until September, so he was able to be around for the birth of their second child, a boy, and his first two months. They visited him in early October as a family at his base and then he was sent overseas for his 14 months of service.

Fast forward to today, and Jessica was hoping he would be on leave over the summer to be at their son’s first birthday. He has already missed his baptism, their daughter’s second birthday, Jessica’s birthday, and all the holidays. Recently, she found out he wouldn’t be home due to the recent activity overseas (I am assuming).

OKAY- Good news! We got a text from Jessica today and she is moving the first birthday back a few weeks as Eric think’s he can in fact come home. He won’t know for sure (probably until he physically comes home) if he can or not, but that is enough to hope to bring a smile to all of our faces. He deserves it for sure, but Jessica has been so strong and does not complain and her face and uncontrolled tears when she shared with me initially that he could not come home is not something I will easily forget.

So if you have a moment, send a few extra prayers that come July Eric will be what will feel like meeting his boy for the first time all over again at his first birthday…

3 thoughts on “Good News

  1. So many stories go hand in hand with each other. I appreciated the decision making you described at the beginning of your post. I was very grateful to read the happy story you chose, and to know it’s sad backstory. One year olds do not know when their birthday is celebrated but the happy family photos will tell the beautiful story!


  2. I am forever thankful to those who serve our country. I also know it is not just the service men and women to sacrifice but their families as well. I will say a prayer and send my good vibes to their family so they can celebrate together soon.


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