Past, Present, Future

My husband and I were invited to attend a VERY fancy fundraising dinner for Little Friends tonight. When my mom asked if we were interested my husband’s response was “Hell yeah sounds awesome!” Except for he was not going to be in town. I was not AS thrilled to go but was willing and he encouraged me to go. I hesitantly said yes and almost immediately regretted the decision.

  1. Did I mention it was fancy? My uncle got a tuxedo for the evening. The big joke in my family is that the only dress I ever wore was my wedding dress (and I think there were side bets if I would even wear the dress). I don’t even know how to dress fancy… let alone if anything I COULD wear even fits at the moment.
  2. My husband is at “Arch Madness” a basketball tournament in St. Louis. But if his team (Bradley) lost, he was coming home. What if he came home. And was enjoying a night playing video games and watching crappy TV and I had to get dressed up and go out? It would practically be torture.
  3. I needed a sitter, and my go-to’s would all be at this fundraiser. I asked my father in law but he had a date Tuesday so he really wasn’t sure… (yes, this is my only valid reason. But it comes third because honestly I feel strongest about the first two listed).

I was already stressing. So I ultimately decided to decline the invite. I felt bad, but ultimately it was for the best. When I told my cousin, she confessed that she was jealous because she did not really want to get all dressed up and go either. Phew!

So here I am, alone at home on a Saturday night because my husband is still in STL since his Braves made it to the championship. I am in my pajamas and mid-binge of Grey’s Anatomy. How do I feel about my decisions?

Current Quinn loves Past Quinn for thinking of Future Quinn. Now excuse me while I get back to Grey + Sloan Memorial…

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