The Turntables

As a mom of a toddler, there are things that happen around the house (and I KNOW it will only get worse) that make me think of my parents. Some of the decisions or sacrifices we have to make that have changed because we have a tiny human in tow. Don’t get me wrong, I am 1000% happy to do all of it. But I always think about my mom telling me (before I had my son even), “One day it reverts back. You don’t do Chuck E Cheese on the weekends, Disney movies at the theater, or supervise sleepovers. You kind of get your life back.”

Well this weekend, I got to be the “mom” for my parents. They went to that fundraiser last night (the one I am still so thankful I did not attend) and they stayed out really late. So this morning when I texted my mom an article at 6AM because I can’t sleep despite the time change, I did not expect a response. But when I called her at 1030 I did expect them to be up and moving. They were still in bed! The nerve!

Not only were they still in bed, they kept hinting that they wanted bagels. The good bagels, Great American Bagels bagels. Ugh. This would mean I needed to pack up my son and bring him inside and go to my parents house. But now bagels were sounding good.

I had to wait for my coronavirus panicked SHIPT order of paper towels, tissue, toilet paper, and Mac & Cheese to come. So it was a good excuse out of it. Except for they called back. Oh God, was I always this annoying? Am I still this annoying? Probably.

I decided to get the bagels. And out of the kindness of my heart and wallet, I did not even charge them for it (OK, only my parents would get that joke. I squeeze every free meal out of them that I can. I did tell them I would get them on a bigger purchase later. I can make all these jokes because my husband wasn’t there.). I won’t lie, that chocolate chip bagel was a perfect lunch. And now I have two more for this week.

Parenting your parents as an adult child is hard. But someone has to do it.

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