Morning Madness

My mornings are always hectic. My husband leaves at 6:30 AM so I am in charge of getting our son to daycare. Now that he goes to preschool, I also need to:

  • Pack food (breakfast/lunch/snack)
  • Pack a snack for school (must be healthy)
  • Pack his backpack
  • Pack his diaper bag
  • Fill his juice and milk cup
  • Get him dressed
  • Brush his teeth
  • Do his hair
  • Get him out of the house without a toy or a temper tantrum

This doesn’t include packing my own lunch and getting myself ready. I have it down pretty well at this point. But it does not always work out.

This morning, on our way out the door he found the Blackhawks Tin lunchbox that my mom brought him last night. Despite his lunch being packed, we HAD to bring it. Fine. We get to daycare and naturally another boy wants to play with it. They don’t always play well together, but it started off great!

“Look, it’s a lunch box!”

“Let’s put the food in the lunchbox!”

(happy toddler noises)

By the time I went to leave, all hell broke loose. Both boys wanted the fake waffle. And the other boy had it, so mine had to wait. Do any three year olds wait well? Because this one does not. Tears on tears on tears. His friend tried bringing him all sorts of things to cheer him up, but obviously not the waffle because that would be ridiculous. And obviously none of the other toys brought to him were good enough because its a waffle! He needs the waffle.

I tried everything to get him to calm down, but I couldn’t. And I want so badly for him to learn to wait. Selfishly, because my mornings and days would be easier. But also for him, because I so much see myself in his overly worked up little self. And I can feel his emotions. And it truly makes my heart break.

Almost as much as when I left and he was crying, “No Mommy, wait! No! Don’t go!”

Being a working parent is so hard at times.

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