Do you know – What it feels like – For a girl?

I am not sure who has had the opportunity to read any article the last two days surrounding the US Womens National Soccer Team (USWNT) and their lawsuit against US soccer over equal pay.

QUICK UPDATE: USWNT (28 players) filed a lawsuit against US Soccer over the unequal pay between the USWNT and the USMNT. Perspective: the 2019 Women’s World Cup prize was $30 million. The 2018 Men’s World Cup prize was $400 million. It has been reported that the women’s team generates more revenue than the men’s team.

I am a math person. So in my mind, if a team/organization makes more money then I have no issue if the players/employers receive more money. For example, NBA vs. WNBA. The NBA obviously makes significantly more money. It is more popular, and without doing research I feel it is safe to say that the NBA players make significantly more money than WNBA players. I understand that. I’m all for percentages over hard numbers- it is more fair (but not always equal).

The problem? This is NOT the problem. The women’s team generates more interest (because they are more competitive…) And TECHNICALLY if they are going farther in these tournaments they are playing more games right?

So fast forward to this lawsuit. How will US soccer respond? By basically stating “You are women, so we will pay you less.” (mind blown emoji)

US Soccer is arguing that science has proven that the men’s team “requires a higher level of skill” and that men players carry more responsibility. They went as far as asking the star players of the women’s team if they believed their team could compete against the men’s team. (Their response was let’s play it out and winner gets paid- I don’t think that is being followed through though).

The other argument is that men’s teams have to deal with hostile fans. So because they are not as competitive, and fans are reacting to that, they need to be paid more. I think due to all their time dealing with this stress, they don’t have time to keep up with the women in terms of marketing either.

I could go on and on, if you have a moment please read an article or two. Coca-Cola released a statement as they are a sponsor of US Soccer but are (what seems like) disappointed in their stance against the USWNT.

The worst part? If I were to bet on the outcome, I would bet that US Soccer wins.

I am not some over the top feminist. But I believe strongly in what is right is right. And it makes me sad as a woman and a mom and a teacher and a human. It makes me not want to have a daughter because I don’t want to explain it to them. Why am I so angered over this?! I don’t know, maybe I’m just cranky from being tired. So my apologies for my rant.

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