You had ONE job!

On his way home from work, my husband was stopping to get some extras for our freezer. He was pretty convinced schools would be getting shut down, and he wanted a few extra pizzas and meats.

I had a day (that seems to be the trend) and had warned him that I was stressing. I had to leave work to pick my son up from preschool who had his third bloody nose over a 2 hour time period. It seems that he is fine, just some extra nose picking and allergies or sinus/cold. And I am starting to stress a little about Coronavirus- how can you not? Mostly over sick days, extended time off, day care closing, etc.

Alex asked me what he can bring me home from the store. I was craving some sour punch straws. Specifically Cherry flavored. Which I made very clear. I was reassured that he was going to get that, because it was essential in Coronavirus quarantine.

He then called me after Target and said he needed to go to Mariano’s for meats because Target did not have a good selection. I said, “Did they have my sour punch straws?” silence.

“oh no. I forget to get them. But it’s okay! I’ll get them at Mariano’s! Cherry. I got you!” Alex stated.

Fast forward. I am beginning to hit my night time wall. I am picturing bedtime routines with our son on my own (husband is bowling) and it doesn’t look good. But all is good. I have those sour punch straws coming!

Alex walks in the door, bags on bags in his hands. He looks at me and I know.

“I am so sorry. I just realized I forgot your sour punch straws. I can’t believe I forgot them at two stores!” I can. He ALWAYS forgets.

In his defense, he did offer to go back to the store and I said no. He does try, but his memory is rough. Except when it comes to sports facts… hmm…

One thought on “You had ONE job!

  1. Oh no! I’d make a special trip to the grocery store just for that. Seems like a corona-quarantine essential.


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