Game Day!

Obviously this is not sports related, as no sports are on. Except bowling. There is a bowling… thing? (competition? event? tournament? I think tournament?) tomorrow and I think ESPN is airing it so you should all tune in. My husband wants us to root for the guy who looks like Bob Ross.

Anyways, we love board games. Kind of. We love Settlers of Catan (where are my sheepers out there?!) and so we thought it would be fun to get a new game. We have tried this before, we went to the local game store (Fair Game) and spoke with employees and got recommendations and then went home to discuss and played Catan instead and never went back.

The same thing happened today.

I feel bad, but part of the problem is these games usually average $50 which is a lot of money to spend on a game you are not confident you will like. We spent around that (if not more) on Ticket to Ride which my husband decided he did not like after we played once. He claims it is unrelated to the fact that I destroyed him and others in the game on my first try, but I disagree. And honestly, I deserve the win because whenever we play 4 player Catan I CANNOT win. It’s become a running joke. But I still play and have fun so he needs to get over it.

Moving on, we did find a game we are interested in called Smallworld. It looks like a nice healthy combo of Risk and Catan, but honestly I have no idea what it really is about. We are going to actually do a bit more research before we make the purchase. I am hoping we go back and buy.. but I have little faith in us.

If you have a game recommendation that isn’t too much like Catan, but someone who loves Catan would enjoy it. It also needs to be a 2 player game. And not very puzzle-like because my husband doesn’t like that… (I am starting to see why we end up with what we know…) Leave suggestions in the comments!

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