Serenity by Jan

I was able to squeeze my pup in for a haircut this morning. I was very fortunate as her next available was not actually until March 28th. My poor guy needed it badly, and I always wait until the last minute and then find myself waiting even longer. Since we are out for an extended time, I did not mind a Sunday AM alarm to get up early to and take him.

I love 8 AM hair cuts because Petsmart is not even open yet. You have to ring a bell and they let you in. A few employees getting ready to open up, and the long walk to the back of the store where grooming is located. The lights are dimmed, the shelves are stocked, and it is very still. I have always loved this, but have found it even more peaceful today.

The only problem on Sunday is, almost no one else is either. We pay extra for express so I have to wait locally. I ventured over to the nearby Target (am I part of the problem?) I am glad I did, I was able to grab some more groceries that we couldn’t get at ours. And while I wasn’t in a mob of people, the empty shelves and busy aisles were a reminder of the crazy time we are living in. Walking the aisles of Target used to be stress relief for me, but it is not working these days.

When I got back to my safety net of a mostly empty Petsmart, it was a relief to know that they don’t sell the essentials that draws large crowds. I actually had to ask someone to check me out. And the best part? I was greeted by a very happy (and extra handsome) puppy.

3 thoughts on “Serenity by Jan

  1. That moment of the not-so-secret secret early opening of Petsmart struck me like some kind of canine speakeasy. Made me smile. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I was drawn in by your title and love the simplicity of taking your pup for a cut, despite the reminders of the world we are in right now.


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