Potty Talk

What better time than now to potty train!

Our son is 3 and has shown NO interest in potty training. He is almost going backwards, and is being way better about diaper changes because he so badly does not want to use the toilet. Part of the problem is, he does not show any signs that he knows when he even went to the bathroom.

We have dabbled with potty training, but my husband feels bad when he wants his diaper and also I think isn’t too into the potty training. Thankfully, he is great with so many other things I don’t get too mad about it. But I told them both “Starting Monday, we are going to undies!!”

It’s Monday. I am proud to say that we spent all day in underwear except for nap time. I am less proud to say that unless he goes now (he’s sitting on the potty in the shower in the dark – don’t judge) he has been on the toilet at least 6 times now and has actually gone on it 0 times.

Don’t worry, he peed on the floor twice and the chair once though!

WAIT! Breaking News Update! He did, in fact, pee on the potty! Even better, he kind of chose to go on his own. This could be good. He is very excited, he received a reward of marshmallows. I have not, in fact, lost hope.

Suddenly, today feels like a good day.

3 thoughts on “Potty Talk

  1. I love your “Don’t worry” disclaimer. Spoken like a true mother, just trying to hang on during the journey that is potty training (at least potty training a boy!).


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