Preschool eLearning

Day 1 of eLearning for preschool done. I think? To start, we watched a video from the teacher and she read the kids a book about catching a leprechaun. My son lit up when he saw her on the computer. It was such a fun interaction.

We were given a choice board and on it we worked on writing our name (which was a HUGE meltdown until later when no one was asking him to do it and then he wrote it on about 10 different pages), going for a walk (the shamrock hunt was a success in our neighborhood!), playing with play dough, playing a game and taking turns, and reading a book. We also watched/listened to We’re Going on a Bear Hunt on youtube … twice because it was just that good!

It is crazy to think that he has absolutely no clue what is going on, and life is turned upside down for everyone else. I am certainly going to take advantage of the time at home that I am getting with him. I am sure so many parents feel that way right now- and then so many who are VERY ready to send them back as well. I may have felt that through a few tears if I’m being honest… and no I won’t admit whose tears they were.

On a positive note: we only peed on the trampoline today! progress…

One thought on “Preschool eLearning

  1. Wow, I cannot even imagine trying to do eLearning for preschoolers. So much of what they learn is sharing and social interaction, and you cannot learn that through video. I bet you share with him very nicely though! I am definitely bouncing around on the time with son/time for someone else to be with son spectrum. Yesterday was great. Today he found out that he could not invite his friends over, and there was not really anyplace we could go except just outside. That did not go well.


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