Happy Birthday, Eli Archie!

Our 1A is 7 today!! How time flies. He is the best little guy in the whole world. He had his naughty stages (where he coined the nickname “The White Tornado” and the term “shark mode”) but overall he has been the best. He is so adaptable, the best cuddler, and while often clueless he is always good for some squeezes and kisses.

Eli is our 1A. He was first. We call our other son our 1B because while we love him, he is second. In fairness, he loves Eli more than he loves us I think. So to him, Eli is also 1A. But honestly, that makes me so happy.

We ordered Eli a cake from a local bakery (because gotta support the local companies!) and it did get a little messed up (which may have caused a small fight…) but all is good now. We enjoyed singing and Eli ate most of the frosting off the cake and devoured a few pieces. I meant to take it away but totally forget.

Then he threw it all up in two sections later on. But now he is sound asleep in his favorite bed (our bed) and will definitely be bugging us for an early bed time.

Today was a good day. Happy birthday to our polar bear!

Did I mention Eli is a dog? Oops. Happy birthday, Eli! We love you!

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