Mimi’s Pancakes

I surprised my husband and got his grandma’s recipe (and ingredients) for Irish Soda Bread & pancakes from his sister. He used to spend all summer at Mimi’s house when he was young, and even in high school and college he would end up staying there a lot because she lived close to me and so he didn’t have to drive the 25 minutes home late at night.

His family has an … interesting dynamic. So memories aren’t always great ones. But the pancakes were always good. So when we wanted pancakes tonight we tried Mimi’s out. I was openly skeptical about them… they are cottage cheese pancakes after all. I’m used to the traditional fluffy pancakes out of a box. But I am a nice wife so we made the cottage cheese pancakes.

The recipe called for the ingredients to go in a blender and we laughed, but then realized it is to break up the cottage cheese curds (sounds delish right?) so we followed that step. Alex refused to try them until they were all done and we could sit and enjoy them.

I have to say, they were delicious! Thin but heavier than expected on the inside. They tasted a lot like a pancake/crepe combo. We definitely can have them again (except for they require 6 eggs which is a bit much). It was also funny because it made Alex super nostalgic- something that NEVER happens. It turned into him messaging his cousin (after much prompting from me. I also had to give him his cousins number. I love this man but he is something else) they were talking about the pancake memories.

We have no leftovers, because we all (including our son) enjoyed our fair share. And just like that another happy quarantine memory is in the books!

3 thoughts on “Mimi’s Pancakes

  1. What a great memory! Tonight at dinner Shawn shared the story of when he witnessed a woman shooting her boyfriend when he was on his paper route. (The other story he shared is inappropriate for this public forum) Isn’t sharing memories just the best?


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