(Insert Funny Line from 40 Year Old Virgin)

Just like the rest of the world, we are looking at ways to take advantage of this “staycation” and get some work done around the house. WARNING: This is a pretty boring post about DIY. Skip to the bottom for a question so you can get credit for responding…

Project #1: We already had planned on redoing our Master Closet. Right now, it is a hallway to our bathroom and the closet forms an L shape. It is set up like a traditional closet, but it is so much wasted space. We asked for Container Store gift cards for our 30th birthday and was able to put that towards our new closet system which we bought about a month ago. We have a 10 foot section and a 7 foot section, we leveled up for the system with the wood faces on it since it will all be open. We are taking down the “closets” so it is just an open space/hallway and putting up the systems in their place so we can utilize the whole space, including floor to ceiling and corners. Once we save up a little more, we plan to add a 6 foot system on the opposite wall. We almost doubled our hanging space and more than doubled our “shelf” space.

Project #2: We are painting our kitchen cabinets! We have talked about doing it over spring break, but my husband and I have different breaks. Well now that doesn’t matter much. We are planning on doing Hale Navy on the bottom and Picket Fence on the top cabinets. Our kitchen is very interesting. The cabinets are OLD. They look very old. They are grainy wood and have an old “design” on them. But they have new hardware, and the lower cabinets all have pull out drawers which are very nice. The appliances are new, and so is the backsplash (on one side of the kitchen). The counter tops are pretty plain but honestly I have seen some rough counter tops so I will take plain tan counter tops that I don’t have to do anything to to match. We talked about painting when we were in the process of buying our house a year ago, but then we decided to wait. After some friends painted theirs we decided to do it as well. Hopefully it turns out well…

Project #3: Swingset. We originally said we could pay someone to do the swingset because my husband did not want to, but now that we have a lot of time it doesn’t make much sense. My dad brought it home Friday (he was storing it at his shop for us) and the weather was not super cooperative as we are currently looking at snow on the ground already with more to come. No worries, we have plenty of time (in my opinion)…

I know a LOT of people planning on painting. What are you thinking you will accomplish during this time? Whether it be DIY, hobbies, school, ect.

2 thoughts on “(Insert Funny Line from 40 Year Old Virgin)

  1. Way to take full advantage of this time that has been allotted to us. It looks like you will be busy in these coming weeks. Good for you! We are hoping to stain our window sills once the weather warms up a bit.


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