Meetings on Meetings

This week is full of “Zoom” meetings. Today I had a special education team meeting pop up on me. I was confused because we have one Friday, which I thought was odd because we usually meet as a team Monday’s. So when my phone alerted me that I had a meeting in 10 minutes I was a little caught off guard. Considering I’m at home, it wasn’t like I had something else to do…

Tomorrow I have two IEP meetings that we are holding via Zoom. They are back to back so that should be interesting. I have a staff meeting Wednesday morning at 7:30 AM that I am NOT complaining about…

We have a “data team” meeting this week (I think Thursday? Also weird… not our usual day.) And that brings me to my other SPED meeting on Friday.

It is weird because it is more like conference calls and I am not in the business of conference calls. It’s a new world. I tend not to participate a whole bunch. Probably because I am well aware of my squeaky Mini Mouse voice and how it is just amplified on the computer.

When this started I didn’t think it would come to this but… I am very much excited for Spring Break!

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