We went for a walk around our park today, twice. It’s 1.2 miles per round. It was fairly busy with bikers, walkers, and joggers. All great because being outside is not only “okay” it is encouraged and much needed.

The problem is, as we passed the basketball courts there was a pick up game happening. It looked like it was older kids, but who do you blame? Kids? Parents?

I know law enforcement is not pulling anyone over for minor things, but perhaps this would be good for them to patrol. It is frustrating because so many people are not listening.

Someone in my family (family members relatives- so a bit more distant) was diagnosed with COVID-19 and due to their pre-existing conditions they have been placed on Hospice. It is here. And it is not a joke.

Stay home, so we can get back out.

3 thoughts on “ST*H

  1. I agree. We were out walking yesterday and a family was playing at the playground, which is now off limits. I just with people understood.


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