The Office (US)

Where are my Office fans out there?! I know one of my “office inspired” titles caught the eye of someone before. If you haven’t binged this series yet, I HIGHLY recommend (and seriously… you have NOTHING better to do!). We just recently finished it but I am almost positive we will re-binge before this is all over.

So if you are a fan, I highly recommend the podcast “Office Ladies.” It is podcast of each episode of the Office and hosted by “Pam & Angela” (can Angela be in quotes since that is her actual name? I find it funny that a lot of characters share the names with their actors). It is fun because not only do they give you insight on the episode and behind the scenes information, they share a lot of personal stories. The first couple episodes I found moments where I was like okay keep going… but I feel about 5 episodes in they have definitely hit their stride!

It is the perfect podcast to listen to on walks. Except I have to admit that I have laughed out loud a few times but thankfully social distancing keeps everyone out of earshot…

Any good podcast suggestions out there?!

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