Spring Break 2020

Welcome to Spring Break! (For some of you!)

I remember being much more excited for spring break about 3-4 weeks ago. I am looking forward to it, don’t get me wrong, but obviously it is very different now. My husband was on spring break this week and I remember being pretty bummed out about having different breaks.

This break we are planning on setting up the swing set in our backyard. The weather is supposed to cooperate (hopefully) so we will start Monday. I am so excited because I think our son will lose his mind. And if we can’t get out more, we may also start losing our minds. We ended up walking in the rain for a bit today just because I needed to get out.

Anyways- What are your spring break plans? Any plans you HAD that are now postponed? If you could go ANYWHERE where would you go?

2 thoughts on “Spring Break 2020

  1. I am excited for Mac. I know he will love it. You know I am grieving Florida right now. It would be nice to actually have some warm weather and consistent sunshine. Oh well, there is always next time!


  2. Yep. Now after all the being bummed about our spring breaks not lining up with our family members’ spring breaks, none of that winds up mattering. This is something we would not have believed when we were first comparing schedules at the beginning of the schools year.


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