Dinner Party

We made my parents steaks for dinner (at their house) and my mom made her most delicious mashed potatoes. Seriously, these mashed potatoes are TO DIE FOR. I refuse to eat anyone else’s because I’m a brat and they can’t compare. Plus she FINALLY made garlic mashed potatoes which she hasn’t done in forever (probably because she hates me).

So my mom surprised us all with this delicious desert. It was apples and cream cheese and cinnamon sugar wrapped in tortillas, probably covered in some butter. It was baked until the tortillas were a little crispy, the apples were soft. And she served it with a side of vanilla ice cream.

All seemed well except she used cumin instead of cinnamon. So it was a touch spicy and all gross. Thank god my husband was there to break the news to her. I may have just eaten them to make her feel better. We all had a good laugh though, and I was too full from dinner to fully enjoy them anyways.

She is making them with cinnamon tomorrow. I will update on how they taste. I am sure it will be better…

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