Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Yes. Yes I am. Terrified actually, but with good reason. Since college, I have been dealing with a sleep disorder of sorts. Classified as “adult onset night terrors.” Fun fact about me: I either have problems of young children or old people. There is no in between. So yes, as an adult I developed night terrors.

My night terrors consist of me sleeping and “waking up” to see the room I am sleeping in (or whatever location, because yes this happened in the car before). All of a sudden I hallucinate something. Typically, it is some sort of bug/spider or flying light thing that is coming at me. Which causes me to swat it away (yes, I have hit my husband on several occasions) and jump up in bed. Every once in awhile, I will see PEOPLE. So imagine, sleeping in bed and all of a sudden a boy with a striped shirt and a bowl cut is standing in your doorway (pre-kids. I was living at home my first year out of college. Literally ran into my parents room just to see real people before I went back to sleep). Or, imagine being in your college dorm and seeing someone peek around your bed. I have woken up truly screaming on several occasions which I think is worse for my husband than for me. They have chilled out, but I was medicated at night for awhile because it would happen multiple times in a week. When we started our family, I had to ween myself off the crazy pills and I never went back on because I prefer not to be medicated. Mostly it is fine, but it does make for a good story every now and then.

So yes, I have night terrors. And they make me extremely scared of the dark because I don’t trust my eye sight in the dark. So fast forward to tonight when my toddler monster of a human wants to play “find the shark.” He goes into my parents huge walk in closet with a flashlight and the lights off. I can handle that. Except then he requests all the lights shut off and wants to run around her dresser in there.

WTF is wrong with you kid?! That is a big HELL NO from me (Can I swear on this?! It’s worth it, because seriously I have anxiety thinking about it). Meanwhile my mom and husband are outside the door laughing as I argue with a 3 year old why I am afraid of the dark and can’t play find the shark which is actually just run around in the dark.

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