Picket Fence

We altered our project plans due to weather and decided to take on the kitchen cabinets first. I am so happy we did, because I was getting antsy. Of course, the kitchen was one I was most nervous about as well.

My mom took our son but not until 11:30. We already started painting (with primer) and of course he wanted to help. And of course I said yes. So he helped roll the side of the cabinet for a few minutes. He was so happy.

We ended up dumping him on my mom overnight too so we can get up early and get right to work.

We are doing two colors, and so we decided to tackle the top cabinets first. We took all of the doors off (I had taken all the hardware off last night) and we numbered them. I set them up for painting in the garage. We sanded, cleaned, and primed the upper bases. Then we did the same to the doors (in retrospect/tomorrow we will start with the doors first. Since you have to wait for them to dry before you flip they are more time consuming). We stopped for lunch, then primed the back of the doors. We started painting the uppers then, did one side of the doors, finished the uppers, and did another coat on the doors.

It looks so different. We had very old/outdated and dark (but ugly dark) wood cabinets. We LOVE wood, so it took awhile for us to want to paint them. But they were pretty rough. Now we are so happy. And honestly, something to be thankful for with the quarantine because we definitely would have dragged our feet with this project over the summer.

So the tops are a white color called Picket Fence. Tomorrow, we start over with the lower cabinets but we will use Hale Navy. I’m very excited to add some color! We bought new hinges as the previous owners painted theirs and they didn’t look great. They did put on newer hardware so we are going to see how we like it for now.

Today felt productive.

3 thoughts on “Picket Fence

  1. Good for you! You have inspired me to tackle something around my house. I have been teaching from home for three weeks now, but some days I just seem to be going round in circles. Post a picture of your finished remodel.


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