The Power of Costco

I had a Costco order delivered today. We used to exclusively use their diapers for our older son until we discovered Aldi diapers. If you don’t know- they are significantly cheaper than all brands and work really well. My son even had several long long nights in them with no issues. I still love them, but my younger son is teeny tiny and he is between size 1 & 2 diapers currently and they don’t fit him well yet.

Which brings me back to I decided to try the Costco diapers to see if they fit him better for now. I bought 4 things: Diapers. Fruit Bars. Juice Boxes. Fruit Snacks.

$80 later…

In fairness, last time I bought fruit snacks from them was around a year ago and the lasted almost 10 months. But it is impossible to leave Costco without spending around $100 or a lot more. Once I went with my family and we all spent about $300.

What is your favorite Costco/Sams Club product? Mine is definitely the Cheese Whips from Costco! (not exclusive, but they carry a huge bag and it is where I first found them!).

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