When the Cat is Away…

For whatever reason, when my husband is not home all hell breaks loose in our house. He used to not believe me, but it is getting to be so undeniable at this point.

I definitely blame it on the fact that I am plugged in for an hour after work (pump life), leaving my older son to hopefully play nicely but usually causes some sort of mess.

Today, he left out his shamrock shake which our dog ate (unbeknownst to me) and then later threw up. He also tore a part a laundry basket to find the perfect outfit- 2 pairs of soft pajama pants (one for his head obviously) and a new sweatshirt. Honestly, at least he had clothes because for awhile he was running around naked after using the bathroom.

Speaking of the bathroom, our toilet keeps clogging. So it naturally clogged when I put the dog puke in it. So that was another thing my husband had to fix when he came home.

Going back to the shamrock shake, I had two different rooms with bright green spots on the floor I had to clean up.

Good thing we paid to have our house cleaned today…

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