11- Pinch . Poke

I felt surprisingly well today despite my second dose of the COVID vaccine. I started to fade after lunch and went to McDonald’s to get a Coke. I brought two of my co-workers a diet coke as well.

Nothing brings these teachers joy more than a fresh Diet Coke from Mickey D’s. And maybe some fries.

My funniest McDonald’s story is I was alone (of course) and ran through a drive thru probably for a drink one evening. The car in front of me dropped their happy meal and wanted another one (fair). But they left the happy meal in the drive thru lane (lame). I was going to offer to pick it up when I pulled up, but the employee popped his head out the window and gave me the “one second” signal.

He then proceed to dive out the window head first. Now his feet are laying in the window, his body is dangling out, and he is reaching for the happy meal. I resisted the urge to video this because I felt bad and I tried not to laugh because .. I felt bad.

He got stuck. And literally could be heard saying “this is a bad idea…” I could see the wheels spinning in his head. Do I just finish exiting the window? Do I attempt to crawl back in? (probably) Is this nice woman waiting to pull up going to run me over??

He chose to shimmy back up the window. His headset was dangling from his neck. He was out of breath. He was most definitely embarrassed.

“I would have gotten that for you…”

Probably not what he wanted to hear. But at least I didn’t video him.

4 thoughts on “11- Pinch . Poke

  1. I definitely need to concur regarding your comment about Diet Coke from Mickey D’s bringing the joy! It definitely does to me. We have a little “McDonalds pop” group at my school too. So funny how a text in the morning or during the day saying “I got you!” can change your day! Their pop is the best!
    And although you would have probably gotten a million views on that video, I agree that he is probably very happy you didn’t video it!!


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