12 – Got Milk?

We typically start each class period with a question that we use as attendance. It’s a nice class builder, it is fun, and it helps facilitate small talk that you’d normally do in person.

Today’s question was: Mrs. Csuk is going to Jewel. What is she bringing back for you?

I mostly got chips, candy, ice cream, etc.

One boy said milk. “Chocolate milk?” “No, regular milk.”

No explanation. Just wanted milk. I actually did have to go to Jewel. So naturally I picked up a milk. I left it at his seat and he made a point to come thank me. He said it was delicious.

I wonder whose day this had a bigger impact on.

One thought on “12 – Got Milk?

  1. I’ve thought for many years that there is something unusually special about gifting a person with food and/or drink that they have expressed a desire for. It connects us in a way that is hard to explain – yet it is linked with an intricate link that speaks to the sentiment of human emotion and meaningfulness.

    I love that you shared this story – and even more so, that each of you interacted in a way that resonated with one another. May you have many more days and stories like this one. They have a special place in our heart. #priceless

    ~Carla Michelle


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