13- A Day in the Life

I know this is supposed to be a slice of our day, but our day was such a slice of our life.

We dropped our Eli at his grooming appointment at 9 AM, got some Dunkin’ and went to Home Depot. We introduced him to the “fun carts” which are the flatbed carts. My sister and I used to bed our dad to use that cart at HD or Sam’s Club when we were little. We checked out the toilet options. Our son asked if he could put one in his room (the woman walking by heard. She laughed and said “it would be convenient…”). We got two toilets and some supplies.

Came home and installed the one in the boys bathroom – everything that went wrong did because that is how life is going for us right now. I put a bunch of different pictures in frames. We got some newborn pictures up finally (of our almost 6 month old… sorry second born). We also are still working on his nursery… parents of the year. Oh well. He’s a happy boy.

We did a family walk (2 miles All Smiles week 2 and going strong) and our older son cried the whole first mile (I guess no smiles just miles). Now it’s time to get dinner ready and start the bedtime routines. Just to start over again.

I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. I love our every day adventures. And I will remember today for just that.

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