15- The Fastest Hour

7-8 AM. That is the fastest hour of my day. This is when I am trying to get out the door for work.

Two small children in tow.
Two trips to the car.
Four lunch boxes.
Two back packs.
Two large mugs.
Two tote bags.

Oh no, 1C pooped. Need to change his diaper.

1B wants Blue Gatorade. Also needs his nose wiped.

1A wants (more) treats. Does he have water? (he’s a dog).

1B wants cheerios like 1A.

1C is crying again. Where’s the pacifier?!

1B wants to be carried to the car. No, just walk. Now he’s sad because I didn’t let him crawl in through 1C’s side. Fine…

Is it bedtime yet?

What is your fastest hour of the day?

11 thoughts on “15- The Fastest Hour

  1. I can totally relate to this. There are always things that happen when you’re trying to get out of the house.

    I would’ve said the same hour of the day until COVID-19. My daughter has been doing school remotely for the past year, so the rush-rush-rush is no longer there. I guess the most hectic hour, these days, feels like the dinner/go-upstairs-for-a-shower hour. There’s always drama involved with that!


  2. This slice certainly paints a hectic picture! Your use of numbers in the list followed by the series of single sentence paragraphs ups the pacing–leading your reader to read faster in an attempt to keep up. This works well to show how it must feel to experience this fastest hour. Oh, my!


  3. This made me smile. You captured the hectic feel of trying to get out the door with 2 small children. My children are grown, but I can relate to this from years ago. I will borrow this format for a blog post of my own. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Your post reads the way a sportscaster offers play by play action- quick and fast paced until there’s a touch down, goal, our basket made. In your case, until the car door shuts and you’re on your way. I enjoyed this. It made me recall my own memories of that pace of life although I probably didn’t enjoy it at the time.


  5. Great post! I am way past those day but I still remember them. Clearly! The times so crazy the diaper bags sits on the top of the car as I drive off. Crazy times but times you will love looking back on!


  6. Hectic, indeed! You captured this moment perfectly, the writing style matching the pace of the moment. You will certainly look back at this slice and be amazed by all that you accomplished.


  7. I definitely don’t miss the pre-Covid rushed mornings! To think that by 6:30, all the 5 of us were dressed, fed, packed, loaded, and out the front door seems like an impossible feat to achieve now!


  8. I can certainly relate. As a grandma, I’m still experiencing this as we try to get out the door for preschool. I’ve learned to add an extra 10-15 minutes to allow for life!


  9. Rushing into the car is certainly explained well in your slice. I still find the rush rush pace hectic. Yesterday, I rushed out the door only to realize I left my phone inside. The cell phone is my family’s downfall. When things get rushed, the phone disappears in the clutter.


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