20- Catching ZZZ’s

We have a 6 month old (tomorrow… side note: how!?) who we are still trying to figure out. The hardest part mentally about having two is the comparison.

When did our first start sleeping through the night? How many hours? What time did we put him to bed? When did he get up?

When did he start eating solids? How did he react? Purees? Puffs? How often? How long between introducing different foods?

When did he start crib napping? And on a schedule?

This is the one we are really stuck on. Currently, our 1C is doing a FANTASTIC job of boycotting his crib during nap time. He LOVES his mamaroo (who wouldn’t) and will nap for hours in there. Crib? Nope. Bed time isn’t an issue, so what gives? Infuriating.

Please drop any crib napping tips and tricks below!

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