21- Same Story . Different Project.

I am going to preface this blog with a disclaimer: my husband is fantastic. He works so hard to keep us all functioning and I am confident I wouldn’t survive without him. He also is such a hard worker and is always working around the house to make it better for us. He just doesn’t seem to have the best luck…

So my husband will work on a project and for whatever reason the silliest and stupidest things go wrong. Sometimes it is because he does something silly. Most times it’s dumb luck. All the times it is infuriating for him.

His newest project is that he is doing a “cheap finish” of our basement. Over his spring break. Told you he is fantastic. He started this weekend by clearing it all out. Since it is unfinished, and our toddler wasn’t totally ready to hang down there when we bought the house, it quickly became a catch-all. A space to put stuff before/after the crawl space. Our “lazy zone.” Our “just put it in the basement, we will get to it later” area. So he needed to sort through a lot of stuff to empty the space. Does this go in the crawl space? Or the garbage? He had to put a lot of toys in the garage until the basement is ready and they can go back down.

He emptied the basement a lot faster than he thought he would. So even though it was 11:00pm and he was tired, he wanted to keep going (this is the part that is on him). So he started working on Water Softener. It isn’t even plugged in, we don’t need it anymore. So it was our assumption that no water was running through it anymore.


He started taking the pipes off and I am upstairs folding laundry. It sounded like a metal-explosion in the basement. There was an intense and fast rattling of copper pipes. I ran down to check it out only to find my husband soaking wet and wide eyed.

“The water IS still running through this.” Oops. Except now it is 11:30 pm, and it is leaking pretty bad. There is water sprayed ALL OVER our basement. And now my husband is … not happy. and tired.

We shut off the main water valve, put a bucket under the pipe that was leaking, pushed the water towards the drain, and started checking for youtube tutorials. Turns out it wouldn’t be that hard- you just have to shut off the water FIRST. And maybe not do it at 11 PM.


Also, when do I tell my husband we could have paid to have it removed for $50-$100? How soon is too soon? Maybe I’ll wait until we have water again…

3 thoughts on “21- Same Story . Different Project.

  1. “it quickly became a catch-all. A space to put stuff before/after the crawl space. Our “lazy zone.” Our “just put it in the basement, we will get to it later” area”
    I really like the way you describe your basement as your lazy zone. I can totally relate.
    I feel so bad for your husband to have to deal with this today.


  2. Uh oh! The detail about it being after 11:00 raised the tension of the slice so much! I also love how you described what you heard as you were putting away laundry. You really built up the suspense!


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