22- Spring Break

My husband is on spring break. Since he is working on the basement we are still sending our tiny humans to daycare. However, he is going to get up and help me in the mornings.

Today was the first morning.

My husband is an excellent father. And I can leave him with our kids no problem and he knows how to handle everything. Some things better than me. But oh my.

For whatever reason it seemed to take me twice as long. And it seemed I had to tell my husband how it worked. I think it’s because I’m on such a schedule that even though he was helping it still felt disrupted.

Plus. He was moving at a snails pace. Please refer to my “The Fastest Hour” post to get a good understanding of my mornings. Maybe I will send it to him.

At the end of the day, I am beyond grateful for his help and to just have another adult to walk us out to the car. But it is a great reminder that we can get so set in our routines that even “helpful” breaks don’t feel so helpful after all.

2 thoughts on “22- Spring Break

  1. This is perfectly put. It’s so frustrating but on top of that frustration is that you can’t get mad at the other person for not literally living inside of your head and being perfect, or at least what your head deems perfect. Sounds like you had at least enough empathy to get through it without explosion. Haha. It definitely helped you write an outstanding slice so it was worth something! Thanks for sharing this.


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