23- Friendly Reminder

This is your reminder to do that thing you were supposed to do.

-Write your blog
-Take the chicken out of the freezer
-Get cat treats & litter box out
-Make lunch for tomorrow
-Text that friend you haven’t spoken to in awhile
-Reply to that one e-mail
-Apply to that job
-Change the laundry
-Clean the bottles
-Empty the dishwasher
-Fold the towels
-Get your bangs cut…

Wait. Don’t get your bangs cut. Renee told me when someone asks if they should cut their bangs the answer is always no.

What is on your “friendly reminder” list?

3 thoughts on “23- Friendly Reminder

  1. Fun writing template! Oh boy, my list is rather lengthy as well! Pack for spa weekend, make guacamole for spa weekend, confirm spa service times, order gift card for birthday girl, run through dance choreography, etc. May you cross off every item on your list!


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