24- That Darn Cat!

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Today my coworker brought her cat to work. All is fun about that except for I’m SUPER afraid of cats. And she built my anticipation by sending me pictures of the cat doing cute things. Like scaling her shower curtain, it’s claws, and even a video of the cat suddenly pouncing on their dog.

It’s okay. It’s fine. Everything’s Okay.

The cat jumped up on me at one point. By jump up he put his paws on my legs. I jumped out of my seat and screamed. My co-worker thought her cat actually attacked me for a second based on my reaction. The poor cat shot across the room, probably thinking “who is this crazy person?”

We had a meeting, and she put the cat in it’s carrier. It was running late, so I came back to the room first. When I opened the door, I instantly knew the cat was out. I peeked at the carrier to see it opened. Upon closer (but still distant- have to be safe) inspection, the carrier was in fact empty.


I went to get my class started and noticed the cat laying in his “bed” which is really a red milk crate. “Good job, buddy!”

Then, a loud noise (lots of work going on as we prepare for students to be at school full 5 days a week). The cat jumped down and took off across the room. It happened so fast, and then it was gone. I didn’t see where he went as I was starting our class.

And then he was gone. But I couldn’t look for him. What if he came jumping out of the wall, all Black Cat like? I can’t handle that. I can barely handle cats looking at me.

I had to confess to my co-teacher that I lost her cat. In our room. He played it up well by not responding- not even to a treat bag!!! He finally made his way out from under the cabinet, and all was well again.

That darn cat!

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