25 – Marriage Connection

My favorite part about my husband: our marriage connection.

This is what we call it when we both have/do the same thought or idea. Maybe it’s about a gift for our kids, dinner, a movie we want to watch, a game, etc.

Once, we both came home with the same exact brand new leash for our dog. Who didn’t need a new leash. And it ws from Petco and we very much are Petsmart people. (This might be my favorite one!)

My husband and I have been together since we were juniors in high school. So this is very much a “we know each other very well” thing but I like to chalk it up to us being each others persons. Like Pam said in the office, “When you’re a kid you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are gonna be right about that!”

We have been fighting our 6 month old (1C for those following along at home) on sleeping through the night. Some nights he goes for 9-10 hours. Some nights he is on 3-4 hours and then fights going back to sleep. Well we got a full 9+ hours out of him last night (woop woop!) and so naturally this morning we ran through everything we did to replicate it tonight.

Earlier in the day yesterday I was thinking, “lets not do rice cereal in his bottle at night. 1B never needed it and it obviously isn’t working…” but then I forgot. Well! This morning, my husband said “you know what, I didn’t do rice cereal. I forgot and then when I was upstairs I thought we should try not using it and see what happens! Maybe we try that moving forward.”

Marriage Connection.

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