26- Full Circle

A year ago, us “slicers” were at the beginning of the pandemic. These posts were all the same:

The house looks great today. No change. Will this last more than two weeks?

And like all other slicers and people, we turned to house projects. In addition to “Slice of Life” I was finishing up a class where I researched different DIY projects around the house: The deck, painting kitchen cabinets, the closet, and the basement.

The basement was a “throw it on at the end because I needed another project” but the others were ones that we were interested in doing… soon-ish. Then the pandemic hit and we used that time to do exactly that.

We started with the kitchen cabinets, very DIY. We moved to the deck which we always knew we were never DIYing. So we hired someone for that, but we used my research to help guide our decisions.

In the mean time, I had ordered our new closet system from ELFA. We had asked for Container Store gift cards to do this. We were supposed to have someone work on our closet over spring break and have it installed before Easter. We did push this off, but over the summer had someone come in and finish the closet and then had the system installed. (I’m not going to lie, our closet is a little dreamy.)

This left us with our basement. We weren’t doing it though. 3/4 isn’t bad.

Fast forward to 2021. My husband decided he was going to do our “cheap finish” of the basement. He is on spring break (I’ve said this in every post this week) and so he chose to use his break to “finish” our basement. He sprayed the ceiling black, the walls white, added some cool light fixtures, a curtain to block our crawl space, and bought some decorations. The flooring is a work in progress, but we are going to pick up stuff tomorrow. He is going to add a runner to the stairs because they are unfinished right now.

This is going to be a dream space for our 4 year old. Eventually our 6 month old will get to enjoy it too. Mostly, I am just so proud of my husband for tackling this project. Check back for update pictures, I never post pictures on here but I will for that!

What was your biggest DIY project over the pandemic?

2 thoughts on “26- Full Circle

  1. I’m pretty sure this line might be begging for a slice of its own: “I’m not going to lie, our closet is a little dreamy.” 😉 As for my own pandemic DIY projects, um, the ‘biggest’ probably involves installing a shade on an uncovered window. The radical perspective of teaching from home left me blinded by the sun at hours during which I was unaccustomed to seeing it!


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