27- Sam’s Club & Shorty’s

So as you all know (because obviously you are all reading my blog daily) we are currently giving our basement a “Cheap/DIY Finish” and by we I mean mostly my husband (his choice). So on Friday, he was supposed to work on the floors. Well they did not go down as he had hoped since its just concrete floors and they are a little wonky. So he scratched that idea and we were looking at foam flooring.

So we found a woodgrain looking foam floor at Sam’s Club. It’s the flooring that interlocks like a puzzle, usually you see it in a variety of colors in a kids play room. More recently it is being used as a home gym flooring. We thought my parents had a Sam’s Club membership, but they didn’t any longer so we found a deal on Groupon and bought a membership because it was still cheaper to buy the membership and get the flooring than to order it from somewhere else online.

This also meant we had to travel to a Sam’s Club to find 21 flooring packages. So we went to one that we were confident had it. And they did- except they only had 10 that we could reach. No big deal- we found a nice employee and he went to get some help for us.

Well I guess it was about to be a shift change in 15 minutes so the people that could help REFUSED to help. Which means the poor employee had to come out and tell us that it would be hour at least. (way to throw him under the bus!) We decided to buy the 10 and check a nearby Sam’s because we were confident they, too, would have a handful we could buy.

We had our 10 packages in a flat bed and did “scan and go” which is misleading. You’d think you can … scan… and then… go. But you have to scan. and then go to checkout anyways… so we went to self check out and just as we were walking up the employee (different one than earlier) YELLS at my husband- No flatbeds in self-checkout. Okay…. well we already waited in line and the regular line is really long. UGH. So we went back and it is even longer than when we first checked. So we went and got a regular cart and went BACK to self checkout. Meanwhile, our 6 month old is hungry and our 4 year old wants to walk the busy store.

We scan & go (to check out) and rescan, and pay (again?) and leave. We head to the next Sam’s club which we were confident had at least 11… except they only had 1. So we decided to go BACK to the original one because the shift change should be over and get the rest and go home. All was well and a couple hours of Sam’s Club adventure we were on our way home with 600+ square footage of foam flooring. And a new hatred for Sam’s Club (at least on a Saturday).

The worst part? We stopped at Shorty’s which is a small little restaurant that we used to go to more often and it has the most delicious cheese cubes that are melty and perfect. Except they changed the recipe and they were not even good. So now I am sad. And cheese cube-less.


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