Day 30- And I Oop… sksksksks

So I ordered from Shipt, a regular occurance and honestly a life saver BEFORE having two kids. I had a larger order, and the shopper was luckily able to find mostly everything. Until they got to a spice I needed.

They sent me a picture of two options because they didn’t have what I originally requested. No big deal, I picked one of them then I hit them with a friend “Thanks!”

They responded with a kiss face emoji. Then a smile emoji.

Um. nope.

I did not know how to respond. Honestly, I was creeped out and uncomfortable. I didn’t respond. I instead screen shot and sent to my co-workers. “Ew” was the general response.

Then I got their reply, “Um… I hit the wrong emoji. I am so sorry, didn’t mean to get personal there! (insert sweating face emoji).”

THANK GOD! But also, how quickly I went from being extremely uncomfortable and unhappy to feeling genuinely bad for this shipt shopper.

It was an honest mistake, not a big deal at all, and yet I guarantee they stay up at night thinking about this moment for many years to come. I know I would.

Dear Shipt Shopping, let it go. Also, thanks for the blog post!

3 thoughts on “Day 30- And I Oop… sksksksks

  1. My problem is sending the word ‘smile’ and forgetting to press the corresponding emoji. I think I’d be more embarrassed about that then sending the wrong one.


  2. What a fabulous story for a slice. I enjoyed how you checked in with coworkers, relayed the poor Shipt shopper’s correction, and shared your shift of emotions. I love your reflection that this will be something that sticks with them for a while, because you’re probably right! I enjoyed this one. (insert smiley face)


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