Monday, March 2

Night Time Routines

When we first had our son, I remember the advice of my grandma:

“Don’t let him nap in a quiet house. When your mother was born, she had to stay with my mother in law while I was in the hospital for two weeks and that baby couldn’t sleep if someone breathed too loudly after that!”

Nothing like a little anecdote to scare a new mom. Fast forward 3+ years later- I think we took her advice a little too seriously and now we are raising a hibernating bear. Tonight was a great example.

Every night, we are those parents who “sneak” into our sons room at night to tuck him in, give him a final good night kiss (or 6), and tell him we love him a million times. Sometimes, we have to move him around his bed because he is sleeping funny, sometimes he is half off the bed, a few times he was completely off the bed. Usually we find a wide range of toys or items such as lotion, wipes, Maui’s “shicook,” talking animals, books, stickers… we may have even found tools or kitchen utensils that he hid earlier in the day. And every once in a great while, he needs a diaper change.

So, back to today. He needed a diaper change. As my husband put it, it looked like was wearing a cup. Not sure where all the liquid came from but we didn’t want him having an accident overnight or sleeping in it. On a typical evening diaper change, he will wake up a bit, try to roll over or cover himself with the blanket, and quickly goes back to sleep when we are done.

Tonight was a new level of hibernation. He snored through the ENTIRE diaper change. Through our normal voiced conversation and laughing. Through getting him out of his onesie pajama that is trending towards too small and we have to wrestle is leg out and back in.

We finished up and put him back on his pillow and covered him up. He immediately rolled over and continued snoring. This boy. He spoils us.

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