Tuesday, March 3

excitement gone awry

A co-worker is on full baby-watch. She is preparing for potentially giving birth on Friday! We were meeting her maternity sub during our team meeting.

After having had conversations with this teacher, and being moms, we knew she was getting a little nervous as she got closer to the due date. She was telling us a little bit about her sub, we did our greetings and welcomes, and then she was going to continue giving the tour of “need-to-know” areas.

(Side note. I hope she showed her the bathroom. At my last school, no one showed me where the staff bathroom was. SPOILER: One was hidden away under a staircase- major Harry Potter vibes. The other was tucked away in the back of one of the storage rooms that held our laminator and die-cut machines. By the time it registered that I did not in fact know where the bathroom was, it had been too long and I was embarrassed to ask. I cannot remember how I finally found it, but it was a disappointment because they were the worst bathrooms ever. And if I am being honest, it definitely played a (larger than I want to admit) role in my exit from that district & school…)

Anyways… as this teacher was telling us the plans… this is how it played out.

“Well, this is my sub! She could be starting as early as Friday…” -Pregnant Teacher

“WOOO! Baby Countdown!!!” -Me

“Yea… They may end up having to cut me up!” -Pregnant Teacher

“AWWW YEAH!!!!” -My dumb self.

She walked out. My whole team just stared at me.

“Did you cheer on a C-Section?” Yes, Lynne. Yes I did.

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